Stateless Heritage ג'סיקה עזיזה

רוית לצר

The project revolves around designing a collection of objects, enhancing Palestinian handicrafts by infusing the heritage with new graphic content, reflecting a contemporary interpretation of those crafts inspired by the research journey of the project.

Stateless Heritage is a collaborative collection of jars that bring together my skills as a designer with the skills and expertise of three Palestinian craftspeople practicing different traditional handicrafts: glassblowing, pottery and embroidery. 

Because of restrictions of access and movement of the craftspeople, the only state where these crafts can connect today is on the objects, through a map that connects between all those places, creating connections that are impossible in real life.  

The project provided me with the opportunity to highlight the potential of contemporizing 

The artifacts invite people to reflect on the meanings communicated through the collection and experience traditional crafts in an untraditional way.